Pregnant Belly


All Blissful Baby Planning Classes and Postpartum/Newborn Care are taught by a qualified Registered Nurse with a current practicing license with the College of Registered Nurses of BC.

Prenatal Classes  - encouraged to be taken between 32-36 weeks gestation.

Please look at "Events" page for upcoming dates for Group Prenatal Classes.

Our goal in Blissful Baby Planning is to educate and empower expectant parents to meet their unique needs in learning about labor, delivery, and newborn care. 

Prenatal classes are fun, relaxing, informative and interactive. 

Blissful Baby Planning Prenatal Prep classes cover the material you see listed under Blissful Prenatal Education.  Couples will also receive an Exclusive Information Package with informative materials and samples.

Group Classes are now held at the rustic Log House, next to the Red Barn at 4409 Lakeshore Road.

Register through our site, and we will contact you to confirm spot. PLEASE SPECIFY THE GROUP DATES YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND IN THE COMMENTS BOX.

Accepted methods of payment are cash, cheque (made payable to BBPlan Inc) or etransfer to 

Please be prepared for the class by wearing comfortable clothing.  Bring water and a snack, as well as a pillow and a doll (as close to life size as possible).

Blissful Prenatal Classes

Our prenatal classes are full of informative information that will empower and prepare you for the delivery of your baby.

We cover the following topics in your Blissful Prenatal Class

  • Late changes in pregnancy
  • Signs of True vs False Labor
  • Stages of Labor
  • Contractions
  • Breathing/Relaxation techniques
  • Coping Strategies and Pain Management
  • Delivery of your baby
  • Cesarean Births
  • Newborn Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Care
  • What to expect in the First 2 weeks
  • Hospital Tour

All couples will be given an Exclusive Information package full of valuable information and resources as well as samples.  All classes are offered Unlimited email/text/phone support during your pregnancy and following the birth of your baby up to 4 weeks.

Group Prenatal Class @ The Log House in Mission

Offered in a small class setting, group will give everyone a chance to ask questions and connect with other couples in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.  The class runs in 2 sessions and will include everything under Blissful Prenatal Education, the Exclusive Information Package, and Unlimited Email/Phone Support up to, and following, the birth of your baby to 4 weeks.

Session 1 - Labor/Delivery/Interventions/Pain Management - 3hr class

Session 2 - Breastfeeding/Newborn Care/The First 2 weeks home/Hospital Tour - 3hr class

COST: $160/couple for both sessions and tour

Classes payable by etranster, cash or cheque


Group Prenatal Classes via Live Online Meeting Being Offered During COVID Pandemic

Offered via online GOTO Mettings, an interactive group class with the opportunity to ask questions and "meet each other", these sessions are being offered during our time in need of social distancing related to the risks of COVID.

Sessions will cover all of the information included in the above GROUP PRENATAL CLASS and will include our handouts via PDF, information and resources, and text/phone/email support up to and following the birth of your baby up to 4 weeks. 

Unfortunately Hospital Tours are not being offered at this time due to visiting restrictions at the hospital (due to COVID). We will discuss in detail the layout and expectations of KGH, and will show a virtual tour of the unit.

COST $125/couple payable via etransfer

Please register through the site, dates listed under EVENTS