Welcome to Blissful Baby Planning, the Okanagans first exclusive personal prenatal and baby consultants.  Whether you are pregnant or adopting, we can help you prepare for the most amazing journey!  Blissful Baby Planning can ease your mind and your worries, and provide you with the knowledge and understanding to prepare you so you can embrace this new venture with confidence and Bliss!

Blissful Baby Planners, Sheri and Tina, are registered nurses with over 15 years of experience in maternal and newborn nursing.  Mothers themselves, they realized the need for education and ongoing support as families make the transition to life with a newborn.  With their openness and flexibility, they wanted to share their passion and enthusiasm with teaching new parents.  The idea of starting up this unique business in the Okanagan has been two years in the making, and after countless hours and days, we are finally here....and you will not be disappointed.


Sheri Hickin, RN BSN, Perinatal Specialty

Sheri has a passion for the birthing process!  Her 10 year work experience as a labour and delivery nurse at Richmond General Hospital, B.C. Womens Hospital, and Kelowna General Hospital, has allowed her to work with many expectant mothers and their partners as they welcome their beautiful new baby into the world.  Sheri feels that it is an absolute privilege to witness the power and mystery of labour/delivery, and awe inspiring to watch a mother and her baby fall in love.  Sheri and her husband have welcomed 3 beautiful babies into the world, most recently her twins.  Sheri knows first hand, the joys and struggles of a twin pregnancy and birth.

Sheri currently works as a Maternity Care Nurse, helping families adjust to coming home with a newborn, which included postpartum and breastfeeding support.  Having specialized in Peri-Natal Nursing, Sheri has also completed her Breastfeeding Certificate and education.

"I believe that preparing for your birth will help enable you to have a positive birth experience, and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions to meet the emotional and physical needs of labour.  With the education and experience I have gained over the years, both professional and personal, I have a passion for supporting women, along with their families, in the journey to becoming parents."


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Tina Parkes RN, BSN, Neonatal Intensive Care Specialty

From an early age, Tina knew she was destined to work with newborns.  Once graduated from Nursing, she immediately enrolled in Neonatal Nursing and did her training in Kamloops and B.C. Childrens Hospital.   She has worked with newborns and their families for the last 22 years, 19 of the years being in the Okanagan.  Tina is always amazed at the miracle of birth and the strength of a newborn.  With having three girls of her own, she understands the need for support and education to calm the overwhelming feelings of preparing for parenthood.

Tina currently works in Pediatric Respite and Palliative Care in the Community, as well as a Maternity Care Nurse in the community.  Tina's role varies from helping mothers in the immediate postpartum phase in hospital, to caring for a newborn who needs a little TLC, to providing postpartum and breastfeeding support to women and families in their first few days home.  Tina also has her Breastfeeding Certificate and education.

"I have a passion for pregnancy and newborns and I believe that having a baby is the greatest gift a family is given.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach and share my personal and professional knowledge with enthusiasm and flare.  I love what I do and I feel this service will meet the needs for pregnancy, birth and beyond."

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Tina & Wesley

Sheena Velasco RN, MN, IBCLC

Sheena has a passion for newborn as well as maternal health and well-being. Upon completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she began working as a neonatal nurse at B.C. Women’s Hospital and later at Alberta Children’s Hospital, caring for both provinces most vulnerable newborns and families. She has accumulated 10 years of experience as a neonatal nurse.

 Sheena completed her Master of Nursing in 2015 and became an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2017. She continues to support newborns and families; teaching new NICU student nurses in B.C.I.T.’s Neonatal Nursing Specialty Program, as a RN in the NICU and Postpartum at Kelowna General Hospital, and also visiting new families in the community as Public Health Nurse in the Kelowna area.

 When Sheena isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her son and family.

 “I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and passion for newborn and maternal well-being and it is an honor to share in this journey with you!”